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This section of our website is designed to assist issuers of business checks by providing insight to Certegy's role in the check cashing business. Clients that use our check cashing authorization service are typically retailers and banks that provide check cashing as a convenience to their customers. Most of these merchants are not able to verify whether funds are available prior to cashing a check. Instead they use our system to analyze transactions for potential risk factors and then decide to accept or decline checks, in whole or part, using our recommendations.

If your employee received a message to have the issuer of the check contact us, there may be negative information associated with the bank account on which the check is drawn.

There are three general reasons why a decline recommendation, or other non-approval response, may be provided when a check is presented for cashing

1. Negative Information on File - Typically this is due to the fact that another check drawn on the same routing and account number or associated with the identification of the consumer presenting the check has previously been returned and reported as such to Certegy.

2. High Risk Transaction - To offer check acceptance services to its customers, our merchants use information from us to help them make a decision. Certegy provides check acceptance recommendations based on analytical models using a variety of potential risk factors including, but not limited to location, check writing and cashing history, check number, amount, and fraud trends. Therefore, if a check presented for cash falls outside of the risk acceptance parameters (e.g., large dollar check presented to a merchant that is drawn on a bank account and payable to a consumer for which Certegy shows no previous check cashing history), a decline recommendation may be provided to the merchant.

3. Validity and Edit Errors - These responses are not recommendations nor are they based on information from Certegy's file. This type of response is provided when Certegy did not receive sufficient information to provide a payment recommendation to a merchant. For example, a validity error can occur if information was missing at the time of the transaction or the format of the identification presented did not conform to established guidelines for a valid ID.

For more information, you may complete the form listed below and mail or fax it to our office. Based on the information you provide, we may be able to improve the probability of check acceptance for your bank account or use the information in our risk modeling.

Should we need to contact you, we also request that you provide a daytime callback telephone number.

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